Our office is an international law office which offers a full legal service to clients, including major international and Czech companies and individuals (natural persons), whether Czech or foreign, in the areas of business law, civil law, company law, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, real estate, judicial and arbitration cases and European law. 

We have many years of experience behind them from working at renowned Czech and international law offices and have run the practice for around ten years now.   

Our office works on the principles of having a personal approach, offering comprehensive services and flexibility.  We place maximum emphasis on the speed of resolving the assignments entrusted to us and on respect for the interests of our clients. A sense of justice and fair play always comes first.

Our everyday work sees us handling complicated transactions and routine everyday problems associated with the business activities of our clients. We naturally also provide our clients with representation before the courts and other bodies.

The aim of the office is to build and maintain long-term relations with the client in our belief that knowing the background and specifics of the business, in-house regulations and the personnel structure of a client helps improve the quality of the services provided. We communicate with our clients in person, by telephone, by e-mail and using other means of electronic communication.

We provide legal services in English and German.

The main area in which we provide legal services is business law, both by taking care of all corporate duties and by dealing with contractual law, labour law and civil law, primarily from the perspective of the needs of business entities, as well as the law of economic competition. We naturally represent our clients in judicial proceedings, but make efforts to avoid such long, drawn-out proceedings by reaching mutual agreement and settlement between the parties involved.

Our aim is to ensure that our clients are satisfied, in that trust and mutual respect are the fundamental pillars of our cooperation. We are able to uphold these priorities primarily by not simply considering issues from the strictly legal perspective, always taking into consideration the overall commercial interests of the client.