Business law

  • due diligence analyses
  • comprehensive assurance of increasing registered capital, including capitalisation
  • mergers, including change of legal form
  • reducing registered capital
  • contractual business
  • corporate law (the transfer of stakes, shares, changes to articles of association and memoranda of association etc.)
  • competition law – unfair competition, protection of business name, trade secrets and protection economic competition
  • the organisation and administration of general meetings
  • the sale of a business or its part
  • proceedings in matters to concern the Commercial Register
  • the establishment, change and liquidation of companies
  • recovering debts, including the execution of decisions


  • contractual business for authors/creators, performing artists and producers, including participation in negotiations of contractual terms and conditions
  • media law (in particular film and television law)
  • representing authors/creators and performing artists in enforcing their rights
  • lawyer’s deposit of original work proving the creator's antecedency

Civil law

  • the acquisition and transfer of property, contracts of lease and representation in matters of making entries in the real estate cadastre
  • the right to intangible assets, in particular trademarks
  • relations of civil obligation and related contractual business
  • the protection of personal rights and intellectual property
  • rights to the property of another – security interest, easement
  • recovering debts, including the execution of decisions

Labour law

  • writing up employment contracts, agreements concerning work done outwith employer-employee relations and amendments to these
  • in-house regulations and directives of employers
  • the termination of employer-employee relations
  • representation in labour disputes
  • agency employment

Family law

  • divorce law
  • the settlement and distribution of the community property of spouses (including cooperation in narrowing or broadening community property and premarital contracts)

Civil procedural law

  • representation in proceedings conducted according to the Rules of Civil Procedure before the courts
  • representation in proceedings conducted at the court of arbitration
  • representation in proceedings conducted according to the Rules of Administrative Procedure and special laws

European law

  • comparison of Czech and European legislation
  • representation before the Civil Service Court in Luxembourg